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Europell Group sp. z o.o (Ltd.) has been active in the leather market since 2002. We specialize in supplying comprehensive services for upholstered furniture manufacturers.

We supply genuine furniture leather, consultancy, and after-sale service in this scope. We import the raw material for our leather from the best and greatest European and South-American sources in the world. We select it, treat it, and finish it ourselves. We do not just purchase what we are offered! We are contributing to the leather together with our clients; we tan it in Italy and distribute it to our customers.

We owe the success we have achieved to our great team of partners. They are complete professionals with an extensive knowledge and expertise in the production of useable genuine leather; They are fantastic salesmen with a vision and passion for supplying our clients with rare and exceptional products and also technologists of new products open to new ideas and concepts.

Europell is not just about furniture leather. Europell is a combination of knowledge and expertise. We understand the uniqueness of the product inherent in every genuine leather used in the upholstery industry. Many tanners often say that genuine leather is like money. With genuine leather one can gain a lot, but also lose a lot.

Thanks to us you only gain.

We manufacture leather and deal in it, but our range of services is not just limited to that. We have a wide practical knowledge in upholstery leather cutting and the quality standards expected in both the European and global markets. This knowledge cannot be bought. It is the ADDED VALUE of our products. We are not cheap because we cannot afford to sell poor quality leather. We do not Chase after the market nor the current price trends. We know where we are going, and we know what is the best.

Not everybody does business with us, but not everybody is the market leader!

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